1st place – Germany

Rental yield: 3,99%

Tax rate of 2.71%

Cost of rent: $1,769

Germany is simply a tax haven for investors. In addition, a relatively high purchasing power and low cost of living. In this lies the reason for the popularity of the country among expatriates and property investors. Only a 2.71% tax yield even 3.99% to make a very good option for investment.

Germany mamsha al saadiyat

2nd place – Croatia

Rental yield: 5.43 percent

Tax rate: 8,4%

Cost of rent: $1,320

Croatia is one of the countries with the most pleasant tax rules in the world, so a figure of $1,320 of rental income is quite impressive. This Republic can be safely attributed to the category of strong mamsha al saadiyat facelift, suitable for fresh and hardened investors.

3rd place – Bulgaria

Rental yield: 6.24% in

Tax rate: 10%

Rental price: $997

Despite the fact that rental price in Bulgaria is barely not up to thousands of dollars per month, in comparison with other countries, it has very good rental yield and is quite loyal of landlords levying taxes. Investment potential of the Bulgarian real estate also increase of 6.24% yield, and developed tourist infrastructure.

4th place – Hungary

Rental yield: 5.24% of

Tax rate is 13.5%

Rental price: $1,621

Hungary has a developed industry of real estate and an attractive rate of return, therefore, as beginners and experienced investors should pay attention to its potential. Furthermore, Hungary is among the ten countries with the most loyal tax policy.

Hungary شقق للبيع في ابوظبي

5th place – Greece

Rental yield: 4,17%

Tax rate of 7.5%

Cost of rent: $1,460

Despite the fact that Greece is in seventh place on rental yields, it offers the effective tax rate is lower than most countries in this list, so it can definitely be considered as option for growth of your investments.

6th place – Spain

Rental yield: 4.7 per cent

Tax rate: 19%

Cost of rent: $2,531

At first glance, investors need to push the high tax rate and relatively low income rental property. However, Spain is a good option for a possession, given the high purchasing power and opening the country to immigrants. And in this Kingdom one of the highest rental cost.

7th place – Canada

Rental yield: of 3.98%

Tax rate: 25%

Rental price: $3,740

Canada is among five countries with the lowest rental yield and is the second largest income tax, but here you can find really cheap real estate, not requiring a lot of effort on improvement. In addition, $3,740 monthly income of still allow you to place the country in the middle of the rankings, not at the end.

8th place – Morocco

Rental yield: 5.52 per cent

Tax rate: 10.7 per cent

Cost of rent: $854

According to the laws of the Kingdom of Morocco foreigners are prohibited to buy land for agricultural activities, but to purchase an investment property. Here the yield is pretty good, and the effective tax rate is low, but the average cost of rent is one of the lowest among the countries in our ranking. Overall, Morocco is a promising option for those who can wait.

9th place – South Africa

Rental yield: 3,88%

Tax rate: 12,8%

Rental price: $1,636

Despite the relatively modest rate of return and high tax, South Africa has a large amount of rent to be a good option for investing money in شقق للبيع في ابوظبي real estate. Due to the low cost of living, it is much better suited for those who want to retirement to change their place of residence.

South Africa mamsha al saadiyat

10th place – Argentina

Rental yield: 4,48%

Tax rate is 14.7%

Cost of rent: $1,490

The twenty most pleasant for real estate investment States opens Argentina. She is one of the most friendly tax system for such activities – a total of 14.7%. Coupled with 4,48% yield is South American Republic is doing a pretty good choice.