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The Famous Feature of Fitzrovia

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010

Fitzrovia got its name from “Fitzroy tavern”. Fitzroy tavern is a public house in the charlotte street. This name was approved during inter-war period by the bohermian and artistic community. This public house is named after Baron Southampton (or bohemian). In eighteenth century, Bohemian has initially developed northern part of fitzrovia. Later Fitzroy purchased tottenhall manor and also constructed Fitzroy square. Even Fitzroy Street is also named after him. This is the famous feature of fitzrovia.   The Fitzroy square is one of the most original and eminent architectural characteristics of this place.

The Fitzroy square is partly designed by Rober Adam. In the beginning of nineteenth century, major part of London is being built. Much of the fizrrovia is developed by minor proper holders. This resulted in the predominance of irregular and small streets. The other districts like Bloomsbury and Marylebone were subject to the domination by few landlords. As a result, the developments of this area and property in fitzrovia were more systematic. Till 20th century, fitzrovia was not actually a fashionable district.

The famous feature of fitzrovia is the maple street, BT tower and many more. Maple Street and BT tower is one of the most eminent and tallest buildings in this area. Till IRA bomb explosion these buildings were open to the general public.  In 1971, after the bomb explosion in the nearby restaurant it was not open. Terrorists mainly focus on the heart or major areas of London.  Fizrovia is famous for the major tourist attraction as this place gives a village feel. The location and property in fitzrovia is the reason for major tourist attraction. Furthermore, this place is also prominent for bars, cafes and restaurants. Apart from this, there are also some private galleries in this place.