1. Fallingwater, USA

Fallingwater or "Falling water" — the most beautiful house in the world. At least for fans of organic architecture, seeking to live in harmony with nature without sacrificing the comforts of home.

It was created by Frank Lloyd Wright, one of the most famous American architects of the early 20th century, commissioned by the Kaufman family. Wright made a waterfall "Bear Creek", located on the site of construction, structural part of the house. And convinced customers that this home will be completely safe for living.

For a long time fallingwater was the yas acres country residence of the Kaufmann. With In 1964, it is a Museum and open to the public. In the year through his room, go up to 150 thousand visitors.

 Fallingwater yas acres

2. Hobbit Treehouse, USA

If hobbits trapped in our world have left behind their underground homes and moved to the trees, the end result probably would be very similar to the "hobbit House on the tree". One of the most unusual houses in the world was established on Orcas island in Washington state by the efforts of Suzanne Dege.

All three round rooms connected by corridors and suspension bridges, which looks very unusual and reminiscent of the Ewok village in "return of the Jedi". Dege purchased this building in 2002 and spent eight years bringing it to the desired form.

The reviews of those who visited the Hobbit Treehouse, ranging from the "charm and intimacy" to "the breathtaking and secluded". In other words, it is a place that Bilbo Baggins could certainly call home.

Hobbit Treehouse yas acres

3. Castle Garibaldi, Russia

his original construction project to be implemented in Khryashchivka (Samara oblast) includes not only the castle, created in neo-Gothic style, but also a leisure Park. Come here for photo shoots, conduct competitions and organize wedding events.

The owner of the castle seeks to achieve full compliance of the structure of the medieval "Namam". So every detail of the castle is the result of a careful work not only to designers and builders, but also of the team working with historical documents.

Castle Garibaldi yas acres

4. Jardin Majorelle, Morocco

The house, once owned by Yves Saint Laurent and his companion Pierre Berge is set in a Park of Marrakech. And he's as inventive as it is beautiful. This Villa in the Moorish style painted in the colors used by شقق للبيع في ابوظبي the original owner, artist Jacques Majorelle.

Blue Villa is surrounded by a huge Botanical garden with over 300 species of plants, was for the famous fashion designer a safe haven from the outside world. Here he was looking for inspiration when creating new models. And in 2008, ashes of Saint Laurent were scattered in the rose garden, in the presence of Park staff Majorelle.

Jardin Majorelle yas acres