How to avoid apartment sale fraud?

Scammers will be everywhere and everywhere. But 

Как избежать мошенничества при продаже квартиры?

most of all they are dangerous in real estate transactions: the victims of their actions lose their homes. So today we will try to protect you from the most common types of fraud associated with buying and selling apartments.

1) "According to the documents, the apartment has been sold, but in fact I don't live in it".Or another option: "In fact, I live in an apartment and pay for utilities, but the certificate of ownership of the previous owner is in no hurry to re-register.In this case, it is necessary to constantly demand the seller to complete the transaction - in fact or in a documentary form. Sometimes it can be a simple mistake, and sometimes - a serious failure to comply with the terms of the transaction.

2) "The apartment was surprisingly inexpensive..."

Do not try to call these ads! Perhaps you won't find a realtor or a salesman waiting for you at the inspection site. If you are sure that the apartment is cheap for some reason, do not call - one way or another it is a fraud.If you have already made an agreement with the seller and really want to see the apartment, take precautions and do not come alone.

3) "He looks much older in his passport".

Forged documents are one of the most common ways to make money for crooks. When madinat jumeirah living they paste over a photo or give you photocopies that have been adjusted on your computer, they quietly sign a contract and take the money. It's an easy way to sell someone else's apartment.

4) "Watching one apartment and selling another."

In this case, you need to be more careful when viewing the documents for the apartment: those that already exist and those that you are going to receive and sign.To protect yourself from all possible types of fraud, you la rosa villanova should contact a reliable real estate agency, which will protect you at every step of the transaction. What yas acres is more important to you - economy or security? We are sure that you will choose "security"!