The right of ownership to real estate is one of the most important features of civil society. The possession of houses, apartments, office spaces and plots are recorded in the relevant bodies, forming, thus, cadastral registration. Usually property associated with residential facilities, but the facilities of this category of property is much broader. In addition to the main species, there are separate groups of assets, the positioning which often gives difficulty in assessing market value. However, legal practice developed a set of parameters, which can be relatively accurately classify the property. Concept and types of this kind of property will help to identify the peculiarities of financial and residential properties, as well as to determine their investment attractiveness, which is important. But first you must understand what objects can in principle come under the definition of real estate.The text size exceeds the maximum

Signs of real estate

Experts identify three basic characteristic by which to distinguish property – stationarity material value and durability. Perhaps the main feature is the stationarity, from which comes the name of this type of property as such. This characteristic means that the object has an inextricable physical شقق للبيع في ابوظبي conjunction with the earth's surface. It means that the property is always in one place and does not move without the destructive processes. Although the most common types of real estate in Russia do meet this criterion, this property gradually wears off and there are exceptions. At least, there are kind of borderline categories having properties inherent to real estate in the traditional sense.

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Another characteristic is materiality. For a start it is worth noting that any object of such property be estimated from the point of view of physical characteristics. It may be data about area, location, quality designs and materials. Taken together, these data give an idea about the possible use of the object, respectively, occurs and material value. As for durability, it is initially this feature is conditional, so it clarifies the law. Thus, in accordance with the standards of all types of real estate can also be divided into 6 groups depending on the technical state and service life. Minimum service life of real estate is 15 years and a maximum of 150 years.

Classification of real estate

There are many approaches to the division of real estate objects according to various criteria. For example, realtors who work with apartments, in the first place derive parameters such as the prestige of the area, number of rooms, floors and other characteristics. A slightly different approach if you plan to classify the types of properties designed for commercial use. In this case, the separation takes place primarily on indicators of liquidity and profitability. However, the physical properties of such objects and their distance from the center of the city to a large extent determine their investment attractiveness on the market.

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If we approach the division of property in a broader vein, the main factor of classification is origin. In particular, identify the types of properties that have been created by nature and human intervention. There is a third category is property that was created by human effort, but in the process of exploitation implies an inextricable link with nature. For example, minerals and land are the resources from which to derive properties of natural origin. Typically, they initially are in state ownership, but can go to private ownership.

Residential property

To begin to define who can and cannot be called housing. As a rule, this concept means a building with facilities providing accommodation of a person. Typically, the types of properties differ in the technical and operational characteristics. In aggregate, the properties of the spaces of apartments and houses that allow them to allocate in the category of luxury, model, business property, etc., Respectively, and the cost varies depending on the ownership of property to one of the designated groups. Also provide for the division of housing in the city and the countryside. In the first case, usually we are talking about apartments in private homes and complexes, and the second about the houses. There are border objects. For example, cities are constructed townhouses that can accommodate several families. Although such objects retain features of city apartments, the owners can have an individual entrance and a private area near the house.The text size exceeds the maximum

Separately it is necessary to consider a condominium is a type of housing that can be part of different categories. To understand the characteristics of this property it is necessary to divide the types of real estate individually and in common. The condominium mamsha al saadiyat provides content in its composition of several houses or parts of the same building, premises which are used by different owners. Also, this type of property can include the presence of land. That is, in this case, one object may contain different class of real property, which in this case are merged into a common infrastructure.The text size exceeds the maximum