Any real estate transaction always carries certain risks. Renting an apartment is no exception. 

Scammers in the real estate market

Market experts note that with the activation of the market over the past year, the number of fraudsters has increased, so it is worth knowing about the basic schemes on which they work. IAP "Capital real estate" decided to figure out how to recognize a dubious object and safely rent an apartment. 

Schemes of fraud in the rental housing market There are quite a lot of schemes on which scammers work and earn money on naive tenants. Moreover, some of them are decades old, but they still exist, as they are still "undergoing" trustful tenants. 

Scammers in the real estate marketWe will consider the most "relevant" to date.  Sublease In this case, an intruder rents an apartment for daily rent and announces long-term rent of this apartment at a very tempting price. Showing the apartment to potential tenants, he presents fake documents. 

Next, there are two options

The first is that the apartment is rented out to one tenant, and after a day or a few evicts the real owner, who has not even thought about renting the apartment for the long term. 

The other scenario is that the pseudo owner of the apartment "rents" it to several clients at once (it is clear that he gets money from all of them, at least for the first month of residence and bail), but agrees that they will move in a couple of days, because he allegedly has to move things. Naturally, the tenant will never visit the accommodation rented in this way. 

Scammers in the real estate marketRealtor and landlord - partners in "business" There is also a scheme on the market, which involves careless realtor and owner of the apartment. In this case it can often be a private realtor, who works for himself, but often appears to be an employee of a well-known real estate agency, but in reality is not. The presence of the landlord ansam abu dhabi and realtor has a positive impact on the tenant. By agreeing to the terms of the lease, people give their money a few months in advance. After a while, the landlord comes and says that circumstances have changed, so he has changed his mind about renting out the apartment. In this case, at the best option, the tenant can return the money paid to the owner of the apartment, but the commission, which "earned" realtor, of course, al hadeel abu dhabi you can forget. They are forever settled in the pockets of the realtor and the fraudster-owner.